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pregnancy musts

Products to help keep you comfortable and prepared during pregnancy.

compression stockings

Great to help with swelling in late pregnancy or to support varicose veins.

epsom salt baths

Soaking in epsom salt baths can help relieve those awful midnight charley horses.

belly wedge pillow

Great for supporting your growing belly and relieving pressure on your hips and back.

wedge pillow

If you're struggling with heartburn as your belly grows, a wedge pillow is a must to help you get some rest! 

belly band

This belly band can help with swelling in your lower legs and feet and help reduce pelvic pain.

pelvic support band

It may look silly, but if you have pelvic girdle pain, this can provide the support you need!

pregnancy body pillow

We're big fans of the pillow nest and this is great for getting enough support in all the right places. 

belly butter and vit e oil

Treat yourself to a little high-quality moisture and soothe that dry skin! 

seat belt extender

This handy tool can help keep the seatbelt off your belly, keeping you and baby safe when you're on the road. 

belly cast kit

Belly casts can be a fun activity to do with your partner and to memorialize your pregnancy.

contour next ez glucometer

This glucometer not only gets high ratings for accuracy, it's also super affordable! 

contour next test strips

If you're testing your blood sugar often, you're going to need some more strips!

omron blood pressure cuff

If you're monitoring blood pressure, it's important to use a device that provides accurate readings. 

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