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In a world with so many options, this should help you narrow it down to the good stuff! 

mykind prenatal gummies

We love this brand for good, quality products. If you have a difficult time swallowing pills, these gummies might be just the thing! 

ritual prenatal vitamins

This vegetarian supplement focuses on the essential nutrients you need in pregnancy. Plus they have a flavor essence that helps with any aftertaste. 

thorne prenatal vitamins

Another awesome company with a high-quality supplement with the bioactive form of folate which optimizes absorption. 

vaginal and intestinal probiotic

Your microbiome is so important, and in pregnancy especially, you need a probiotic that makes sure you are keeping your entire microbiome healthy! 

omega 3 supplement

Omega-3 is so important for heart and neurological health for both you and your baby. Evidence has even shown that it can help with glucose regulation. 

collagen peptides

Collagen is essential for soft tissue and joint health, building elasticity to help give your skin more ability to stretch and your joints the ability to expand to accommodate your changing body. 

vitamin d3

Vitamin D3 helps support your immune and bone health and most people are deficient! 

calcium magnesium

Calcium and magnesium are mutually beneficial with each helping aid the absorption of the other. Calcium promotes bone health and strong amniotic sac and supports your bone health during pregnancy while promoting ideal bone growth for your baby. 

garden of life probiotics

Another great probiotic for complete microbiome support. 


For anemia, hemaplex is one of our go-tos! It's packed with blood builders, vegan, and gluten and allergen free. 

sunflower lecithin

This supplement was a life saver for Jaime in battling recurrent plugged ducts. It can help make the milk duct walls slippery so there is less clumping of milk fat which means less pain for you!

vegan protein powder

If you struggle with getting enough protein, this is a great thing to add to your diet! 

ginger chews

These little bite sized candies can be helpful at keeping the nausea in early pregnancy at bay.

papaya enzymes

Papaya enzymes are great for helping combat heartburn and unlike conventional options like Tums, these are tasty and you aren't likely to take too many! 

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