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newborn gear

There is so much out there these days - here are our picks for the things you really bring value to your newborn care. 

fridababy windi

Hear us out.

Yes, this gas reliever works by literally placing something into your baby's bottom, but it works! 

nosefrida snot sucker

Also weird. 

And yes, you suck on the little tube to get your baby's boogers out. But trust us! It works!

infant vitamin d drops

There is growing information about vitamin d deficiency, and the current recommendation is to supplement babies (especially if they're breastfed!) with vitamin d. 

diono radian

This car seat is a beast! It goes from rear-facing infant seat to an older child and has a 10-year life span! Not only is this one of the safest brands on the market, it's also one of the slimmest, which is great for those of us battling with multiple car seats!  


Don't let this basic thermometer fool you. It's a reliable and affordable thermometer recommended by all my favorite midwives! 

sink bath cushion

Great for bathing babies in the sink and saving your back from hanging over the bathtub!

infant sleep suit

Safe infant sleep means no bulky blankets, and these little sleep suits are great for keeping babies warm in a safe way! 

oral vitamin k

This is the oral vitamin k reviewed by Evidence Based Birth as a reliable brand if you are choosing this option. We recommend using an evidence-based protocol if you choose this option!

newborn wrap carrier

This wrap is only good for smaller babies, but it's great for getting babies without a lot of muscle control snug and safe so you can move around a little more freely. 

mesh bed rail

This mesh-covered bed rail provides a safe edge for bed sharing.

zout stain remover

This is one of our secrets to stain-free laundry. ESPECIALLY when it comes to meconium stains. This stuff is basically magic.

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