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quality prenatal and postpartum care

Midwifery care includes all the things that come with prenatal care with any provider, but we provide so much more education. It's not rare that a client having their 3rd or 4th baby tells us that they learned so much more with this pregnancy than they ever have before! We truly believe education and information are empowering and lead to the best outcomes!

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low intervention labor and delivery

Midwives are experts in normal birth. The birth center was designed to honor the normal, physiological birth process. In labor, our team works around our clients' needs, as they move freely, unrestricted by cords attached to machines, and our team monitors in any position.


Our gorgeous tubs are roomy and deep! Water immersion in labor can be an invaluable tool for relieving the intensity of labor. If you don't make it into the tub during labor, an herbal bath with your baby can be a lovely way to recover. 

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newborn care

Midwives offer a unique care model that treats the new parent and baby as a dyad. Instead of your baby leaving you to see their provider, we perform all assessments and screenings in your arms or on the bed in front of you. This improves breastfeeding success rates, and bonding for the growing family.

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midwife skills birth center safe

skilled birth team

Part of providing safe, evidence based care is knowing when it's time to act. While most low risk, healthy people will have few complications, it's important for a provider to be prepared for anything. Our birth team routinely practices safety and emergency drills to ensure our skills are sharp and that we can keep birth safe even if the unexpected happens. 

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more than birth

We believe that healthy outcomes begin before you're ready to welcome a new baby! The Shreveport Period Party is a quarterly class we offer for young people in our community to empower them through education and destigmatization. While we've had to put community events on hold during the Covid pandemic, we're excited to announce new events in the near future!

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