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Literary Devices In A Scandal In Bohemia [Latest 2022]




Plot summary The plot of the story revolves around the crime of the missing jeweller's watch, the evidence of which is being used to extort a large sum of money from a suspect. In The Scarlet Crown Doyle describes how the thief, Gregson, discovers the valuable on Holmes, and how he is baffled when Holmes seems unconcerned by its loss. It is not until Watson writes of the affair in "The Golden Pince-Nez" that we learn that Holmes' purpose in asking for the case was to prove to Watson, in the manner of the old-style Sherlock Holmes detective story, that he is a professional and Watson, as his doctor, can be trusted to record his professional opinion of his actions. Publication history "A Scandal in Bohemia" first appeared in Strand Magazine (October 1891). Its publication history is as follows: 1891, November 18 (as "The Sacred Tooth-Shot"). Strand Magazine (London) 1891, September (as "The Jewel of Ours"). Strand Magazine (London) 1892, November 11 (as "A.C.M.O.R.A. – The Exorcism of Adrian Curlewis"). Strand Magazine (London) 1892, December 25 (as "A.C.M.O.R.A – The Professor's Secret"). Strand Magazine (London) 1892, May 18 (as "The Wire-Gauge Man – Part I"). Strand Magazine (London) 1892, June 15 (as "The Wire-Gauge Man – Part II"). Strand Magazine (London) 1892, June 29 (as "The Wire-Gauge Man – Part III"). Strand Magazine (London) 1892, July 20 (as "The Wire-Gauge Man – Part IV"). Strand Magazine (London) 1892, August 10 (as "The Wire-Gauge Man – Part V"). Strand Magazine (London) 1892, August 17 (as "The Wire-Gauge Man – Part VI"). Strand Magazine (London) 1892, October 6 (as "The Wire-Gauge Man – Part VII"). Strand Magazine (London) 1892, October 13 (as "The Wire-Gauge



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Literary Devices In A Scandal In Bohemia [Latest 2022]

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