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frequently asked questions

what is a midwife?

Midwives are considered one of the oldest known professions. Modern midwives are experts in low-risk, normal pregnancy and delivery, and many specialize in out-of-hospital births. We see childbirth as a normal, physiological process, and believe in the strength our clients possess to deliver their babies. We keep childbirth safe by working closely with our clients to provide holistic care that recognizes that your health and wellness is more than a number. 

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is out-of-hospital birth safe?


Our skills make us experts in normal, low-risk pregnancy and delivery. This means that our job is, at its core, risk management and risk assessment. During your care, we are having ongoing conversations about your pregnancy, as well as monitoring for any signs that require additional attention. We are constantly assessing and reassessing your care and asking 'does this path we're on still look normal and low-risk five steps ahead? How about ten?' If we ever have a feeling that your path is heading towards an unsafe place, we have a conversation about your options and what we can do to create a safer birth for you and baby. We are trained in fetal heart assessment, IV therapies, life-saving medications, basic vital statistic monitoring, and resuscitation to ensure that we are always ready for the unexpected.

do I need to see an OB? 


The state of Louisiana requires that you see an OB before entering care with a Licensed Midwife for pregnancy confirmation and to help determine that out-of-hospital birth is a safe and reasonable option for you. The OB is not required to serve as backup for your delivery or to oversee your care once you enter midwifery care.  

what are some things that would exclude me from midwifery care?  


In accordance with Louisiana law, anything that requires a higher level of medical monitoring in your pregnancy would preclude you from midwifery care. The most common are:

- Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

- Breech

- Twins or other multiple pregnancy

- Preexisting Diabetes Mellitus that requires medication to control

- Preexisting Hypertension

- Epilepsy

- Current addiction to narcotics

- Confirmed diagnosis of HIV

- Hepatitis

- Any other issues that might require a cesarean delivery

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do you accept insurance?


We can bill most major private health insurers at an out of

network rate:

- Blue Cross Blue Shield

- Humana

- United HealthCare

- Cigna

- Health sharing programs

We work with Earthside Billing for insurance billing. They specialize in midwifery billing and can help you determine what coverage might look like for you. Even though we are out-of-network, Earthside will investigate if your plan allows for a GAP exception to allow us to bill at an in-network rate.  

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what if I want to pay cash?


We have a sliding scale system for our cash-pay clients based on self-reported income and the ability to pre-pay by specific points in time. Using our sliding scale, base fees are reduced anywhere between 35-65%.

ready to meet the midwives? 


If all of this sounds amazing, and you're ready to take the next step to an empowered and informed pregnancy journey, send us a message to schedule a consultation, see the facility, meet the team, and discuss your financial options.


We can't wait to be a part of your team and watch your family grow! 

Shreveport Midwife Jaime Wessler, CPM, LM
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