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labor prep and comfort

Products to prepare you for labor and provide comfort when the time comes.

liquid IV

Just mix with water to make a delicious electrolyte replacement drink. This is great for Southern heatwaves and replenishing during labor.

labor prep tea

Uterotonic tea with ingredients shown to help with a faster labor.

red raspberry leaf tea

A classic uterotonic that can help with preparing your body for a faster labor.

birth ball

Birth balls are great during pregnancy to help keep you and baby in alignment to prepare for labor.

lip balm

Birth is hard work! Make sure you are ready to keep your lips moisturized!

water bottle

Staying hydrated is essential in pregnancy and in labor. This BPA free bottle has guides to help track your water and a straw which makes it easy to use in labor.


It may sound weird, but a basic comb helps provide accupressure that is easy to use yourself and give you relief from labor.

TENS unit

A TENS unit is an electronic pulse massager that can help relieve muscle tension and provide comfort in labor.

hot and cold packs

These can be used hot or cold depending on your needs at the time! 

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