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infant feeding

From things that help baby to things that help you - this list should have you covered! 

hands free pumping bra

There is nothing worse than being stuck to a pump without a free hand. 

milk collector

Save all that liquid gold with these milk collectors. Place them in your bra while you feed on one side, or to catch leaks throughout the day or night!

silver nursing cups

it you're having problems with cracks or tears on your nipple, these silver nipple cups can help aid healing and provide cooling comfort. 

reusable nursing pads

Reusable pads you can place in your bra to prevent any leaks from coming through on your clothes. Reusable so you'll never be out! 

haaka silicone pump

This is solidly on the list of things we wish were around when we were still having babies! 

breast shells

These are great for keeping bras and clothing off of your nipples if you're dealing with any cracks or bleeding. They allow air flow to promote healing and even catch a little of what leaks! 

nipple shields

Ok, so big BIG word of caution here! We think that nipple shields can be a great tool to get through a hard period of breastfeeding, but we highly recommend working with a midwife or breastfeeding consultant to help with this path! 

milk storage bags

A classic for getting that freezer stash ready for going back to work or just a day away. 

reusable milk storage bags

These are probably better for someone who doesn't have a huge stash need, but we're suckers for anything that creates less waste! 

silicone ice tray with lid

This is a more affordable eco-friendly milk storage solution. Simply freeze your milk into the trays, then store in bulk in reusable freezer bags grouped by date! 

silcone freezer bags

Use these eco-friendly food-grade bags to store frozen milk cubes for easy bulk milk storage. 

wearable breastpump

What I wouldn't have given for this when I was working full time and pumping! Essential for anyone who is on the go and needs to maintain their supply!

spectra electric breast pump

Spectra is a newer pump brand, but they have proven their worth! This is a better option for someone who doesn't need to have mobility with their pump, but you can't go wrong! 

manual breastpump

This is great option for someone who just needs to empty here and there and isn't having a hard time with supply. 

lanolin nipple butter

Lanolin is essential for helping provide moisture for sore and cracked nipples. Plus, it's safe for baby, so no need to wash your nipple before a feed! 

bottle brush cleaning kit

We are not all about gadgets and tools that create kitchen clutter, but trust us: you NEED tools to clean bottle and pump parts! 

enfamil gentlease

Not everyone can or wants to breastfeed, or maybe you need to supplement - we've got you covered! This is an easy-to-get formula that is recommended by dieticians.

organic formula

Another great brand with an organic option for infant formula. 

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