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Our classroom is where we host our group appointments and other classes and events.


Group Care

Our group care model is all about community! Our clients come together for 8 routine prenatal sessions to learn about their options throughout pregnancy and delivery and share their experiences. 

Once a month we host a postpartum meeting to keep the community alive! 


Educational Resources

We have a variety of physical and digital educational tools and models that help us ensure our clients are informed and prepared for not only their births but also their parenting journeys. Because we're teaching several people at once, the group model allows us to go above and beyond what you would typically learn in clinical care! 

Our team loves to teach and empower clients, and it's our goal to have fun in the process. So you can count on a few laughs at your session!



We know how hard it can be to navigate healthy food choices, so we have a healthy snack at each group to help give you inspiration and ideas. And, plus, who doesn't love to eat with friends!? 

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