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Magnolia Suite


Each of our birthing suites is fully equipped with everything necessary for a safe birth. Each suite is climate controlled independently, and both offer maximum privacy from the main areas of the facility. Privacy film on the windows prevents anyone from being able to see inside and refracts the light into beautiful rainbows throughout the room.

IMG_8852 2.jpg

Magnolia Bedroom

Magnolia Suite's bedroom area is slightly larger and includes the birth tub in the bedroom area instead of the bathroom. The ceilings are slightly lower which creates a cave-like feeling that makes you feel protected from the outside world.

The roof on this suite is metal, so you're in for a treat if you labor during a storm! 


Magnolia Bathtub

Sometimes people see the bathtub in Magnolia and think that it's way too small to have a baby in, but rest assured, it's more than big enough! It can fit at least 3 midwives comfortably!


Magnolia Bathroom

Magnolia's bathroom is smaller since the tub is in the main suite area, but it gets the job done and offers maximum privacy to clients!

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