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Birth Assistant Job

Check out the requirements for a birth assistant at Shreveport Birth Center below!

If you're interested, click the link to submit your information and resume for consideration.

Basic Job Expectations:

  • Availability for around-the-clock on-call rotations

  • On-site within 45 minutes of receiving a call to a birth

  • Adherence to HIPAA and OSHA standards and protocols

  • General cleaning and stocking

  • Charting clinical encounters with accuracy

  • Communicating via phone with clients, other providers, vendors, and educators

  • Educating clients on clinical needs

  • Ensuring the clinic and birth setting is prepared for the midwife to perform essential job functions including observation and management of care, obtaining laboratory samples, routine sanitization measures, suturing, intravenous medication administration, and other sterile procedures

  • Attend to the needs of clients as directed by the midwife

  • Participation in routine in-service meetings and drills as required (which occasionally fall outside of normal office hours)

  • Comfortable serving a diverse population

  • Able to adjust communication styles based on client needs to ensure the client is receiving the best possible care

  • Basic clerical work as needed


Qualified Applicants:

  • Have a teamwork mindset

  • Take initiative to perform tasks necessary to the function of the practice

  • Are motivated to learn and grow continuously

  • Communicate effectively

  • View birth as a normal, physiological experience



The following are required for employment:

  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certification - must have certification within 3 months of hire date

  • Neonatal Resuscitation Certification - must have certification within 3 months of hire date

  • TB test confirming negative status

  • Consent to a background check 


  • Per Diem on-call stipend

  • Hourly wage commensurate with experience level

  • First hour at a birth is paid at time and a half


Values Statement:

Shreveport Birth Center respects and serves all families regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, marriage status, religion, or national identity. We believe that all people deserve high quality, high respect healthcare which includes, as a baseline, informed consent and disclosure and client autonomy. We have a long term growth strategy centered on improving access to care and outcomes across all populations, and applicants are expected to be committed to these values.

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