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Pelican Suite


Each of our birthing suites is fully equipped with everything necessary for a safe birth. Each suite is climate controlled independently, and both offer maximum privacy from the main areas of the facility. Privacy film on the windows prevents anyone from being able to see inside and refracts the light into beautiful rainbows throughout the room.


Pelican Bedroom

Pelican Suite gets great morning light and features a gold four-poster double-sized bed. The bedroom is slightly smaller than Magnolia Suite which offers a little more intimacy for families.

The clinical cart is easily accessed by the midwives so that we are prepared to keep your birth as safe as possible. 


Pelican Bathroom

Pelican's bathtub is lovingly referred to as the 'cereal bowl'. This large tub is perfect for partners who want to provide support in the water! 

While Pelican's bedroom is slightly smaller, the bathroom is slightly larger and offers a little more privacy while laboring in the tub.

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